Healing through art

Visual art, as with any art form, can be utilised to unravel and ease emotional trauma and depression, both in making it and in viewing it. By allowing the maker or viewer the opportunity to express or expand their consciousness into its full potential, in a safe and non-direct way, visual art becomes a vehicle for healing (making whole) the mind, and therefore the body and spirit as well.

In viewing visual art, it is possible to begin to identify parts of oneself in an objective way, such as opinions, aversions, concerns and so on, at a subtle level. It may take some practice, as it may not be immediately apparent why a certain shade of red makes the viewer uncomfortable, or why a few abstract strokes of white look like a bird. To first identify these details, and how they make the viewer feel, is a significant achievement in the process of personal transformation.

In making visual art, it is also possible to identify oneself, as in viewing art, either intentionally or unintentionally through mark-making. The accidental marks can trigger responses, often more so than deliberate marks, and can reveal hidden feelings, concerns or bring awareness to underlying issues.

There is a third approach to healing through art, and that is via an artist who is suitably sensitive and attuned to their practice. By acting as a mediator for the client, the artist can create a piece of work that reflects the client’s energy. By focussed attention on the client, who need not be physically present, the artist, by means of their usual practice of art-making, attains a suitable level of altered, or non-local, consciousness. While in this state of being, as in meditation, the artist has the opportunity to intuit imagery on behalf of the client. The imagery may contain elements that represent archetypal motifs, societal influences or personal symbols, all of which will have personal meaning to the client. This method of healing through visual art has brought a great deal of fascination, intrigue and inquiry, with results that appear to contain psychic confirmations or premonitions. The artist may be entirely unaware of what they are creating, and it may have no significant meaning to them, as the imagery is personal to the client.


Lynsey offers these commissioned paintings for healing, which are created for individuals or family groups to bring healing to themselves and their environment and lives. To commission your own unique painting, please contact Lynsey.