Nature is important to me, that is why I paint what I paint, without nature we would not exist, as we are a part of it. Therefore, it is vital that we take an active role in preserving nature, helping maintain the natural ecosystems, and being careful to work in unison with nature.

Both in my business and personal life, I aim to be as ecological as possible. My studio is based in our home, where we minimise our use of fossil fuels for heating by using a wood-burning stove, and our energy provider is a pioneering, green company called Ecotricity – do visit their website to see all the great work they do, including how they invest their profits into the development of renewables.

We also use eco-friendly, plant-based cleaning and toiletry products, recycle or reuse wherever we can, grow our own fruit and vegetables in our garden, eat organic wherever possible, and generally try our best to live in harmony with the Earth – there is always room for improvement, of course.

If you are currently with another energy provider, I highly recommend switching to Ecotricity, if you are based in the UK. As an added incentive, they offer a £50 voucher if you use the referral code below. The voucher can be redeemed at their sister website, where they sell all things eco-friendly and ethical.

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